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I think Barbera is being

I think Barbera is being pretty nasty. She KNOWS her daughter has no where to go, no means to take care of her child on her own, yet when Jenelle is at home, her mom (Barbera) doesnt even LET her take care of her own child! She antagonizes her daughter, I believe on purpose, setting her up for failure. I can only imagine how hard it would have been to have my child while still in High school, i had my child a month after turning 20, and although i had already graduated, its not entirely easy.
Jenelle has argued that she only goes out at night when Jace is asleep, which I dont see a severe problem with. I found out when I was older that my mom too was going out EVERY single night when I was kid, but i never knew because she waited till i was asleep. And if barbera wants custody of jace and is willing to be with him through the night ANYWAYS, why is it a problem for jenelle to go out with friends? because jenelle weas more than willing to take care of her child in the day/while hes awake - yet her mom snatches jace out of her hands just to change his diapers, she doesnt even ALLOW her own daughter to do any mothering when she's home. barbera is one grade-A bitch, and thats that. Kids learn theire behaviors from their parents, it was barbera who raised jenelle to be the person who she is, and she doesnt like who she is - so what makes her think she would raise jace any better?


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