Apparently everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions but they don't. Janelle's mother should realise she's hurting her daughter by her actions and sometimes forgets that she herself is a mother.. She wants to take over and raise Jace when it's not her place to begin with. Janelle is imature and should be a mother first, not a young woman who want's to go out and party. I was a mother at 19 also and went through the same situation with my mother because I wanted to see my fiance (my fiance wasn't allowed to be near my mother's house) so I had to go "out" to see him. I won full custody of my son in my case and hired a great lawyer.

I now have 4 kids and being a mother is what's more important than anything. She shouldn't be going out just because her son is sleeping. Things can happen at the drop of a hat even when kids are sleeping. She would regret not being there for him. My husband and I go out maybe once a month, if we have extra spending money. My kids always come first. It's good to make time for yourself as a mother, but an hour for a massage or manicure is reasonable.. not leaving your kid with your mother just to party.

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