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How do you all not see it?!

I could not agree more!!! This is what I have been thinking the whole time, and was like, am I the only one that sees it?!?!

A) Jenelle is 16 when she has her baby, her mother put so much weight on Jenelle needing to take responsibility for her actions, that she has HIGH if not UNREALISTIC expectation for her daughter, with little to no support. Yes, she clearly is offering all the financial support to Jace, but this ISN'T teaching Jenelle how to be responsible for a child. I understand this only shows a fraction of their lives, but in none of this fraction does it show her mother offering help to Jenelle in the sense of emotional and educational support. Teaching her things about being a mother and preparing her for being able to do it on her own. Yes, she is only setting her up for failure.

B) She (and the show) tries to make her daughter look SO BAD. I do not understand how everyone is fed into it and doesn't see what it really is. Her mom isn't anything but financially supportive. She glorifies herself constantly about working a 40 hour a week job, as if its 80 hours. Ummm... ya. Its called a full time job lady...?! Kind of what is expected of someone who has a life, family, bills, etc. Then she takes the baby to daycare...? Why? If the MOTHER is at home all day everyday why pay the money to put the kid in daycare?! Let her take care of her kid! If she doesn't want to, that shouldn't be a choice for you to give her. I would never if my child had a baby at 16 be like, "oh you don't feel like taking care of them all day? Thats ok, I'll just pay for them to be in daycare so you don't have to" And then continues to show her not let her daughter change diapers, clothing, bathe him without antagonizing her, etc. And then when Jenelle does try to ask her mom why she wont even let her pick out his clothes, she brushes her feeling off as if shocked that its a big deal. She acts so upset and fed up that Jenelle wont care for the child, while at the same time wont let her. Its a wonder how a parent who treats their kid this way on a regular basis had a teenager who got pregnant at 16! I'm sure the low self esteem that mother surely caused had nothing to do with it....

C) Jenelle going out- GET OVER IT. Oh, I'm going to push you aside and provoke you all day, forcing the responsibility on myself, then after baby is in bed, go off on you about being an irresponsible parent?! You don't let your daughter even share the responsibility with you for her OWN child but then when he is sleeping, want to make her look bad? I do not think there is anything wrong. It clearly shows several times that she WAITS until he is in bed. Any one can say what they want but if every parent was on the front page of OK and US weekly being criticized for going out after their child was in bed and with someone responsible in the home (which for most children is 8-9 pm, a very REASONABLE hour)I think it would be immediate for us all to realize how hypocritical or judgmental we are all being. And all because she is young, and on MTV, when I know their are parents twice her age and older doing the same thing and not viewed as bad parents.


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