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We all do not live with them

We all do not live with them 24/7 but the show does make it seem like Barbara is completly controlling and even before custody was signed over she didnt give Jenelle the chance to try to be a mom. Examples not letting her dress Jace with/out finding fault repeatedly taking him right out of Jenelle's hand as if she is not capable of feeding, changing a diaper or putting him to bed all of which Im sure she can handle. Like I said Im not sure how much of that was just to make for a tv show but then not allowing her to be alone with the baby to go to the grocery store or even to see fireworks. Barbara you need to suppport your child that you had and teach her and give her half a chance to raise her child yes she will make mistakes and not be perfect no first time parent is but you put her in a position where she had no choice but to sign over custody atleast give her a chance to try to better herself and be his mom.


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