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I am on the mother's side

I do not understand why most of you think it's ok for Janelle to go out at night when the baby is in bed. Even though Jace is asleep someone has to be there and care for him if he were to awaken or in case of an emergency. I watched how Janelle went out all night and didn't get up with Jace in the morning. Her mother was with Jace all night every night Janelle went out. Her mother is the one that got Jace up, changed, fed, and took him to daycare. What would happen if her mother wasn't there to care for Jace when she went out? Would she leave him home alone? Janelle made the comment about how she likes the free time she has afterschool when Jace is in daycare. I would take the same actions the Janelle's mother is if I were in her position. Janelle has proved over and over she is not responsible enough to care for Jace. The issue over what clothes to put Jace in...Janelle didn't properly dress Jace for bed. Barbara changed Jace into something warmer...HELLO improperly dressed child can become very ill. Janelle took off and left Jace with her mother. How many days went by before she went to see Jace? A week? I agree Janelle should not be allowed to take Jace anywhere as she has repeatedly shown that she is not responseable enough to make the right decisions where Jace's welfare is concerned. What did she want to do...take him to the fireworks at what time at night? She admits to smoking weed. Is it possible that she smokes weed and drives with Jace in the car? Janelle reminds me of my older sister. My sister had her first child (one of six) at the age of 17. When she didn't have someone to watch her baby she would take off and leave the baby alone. I can't remember how many times my mother was called by her neighbours in the middle of the night because the baby was screaming for hours and realizing the baby was left alone.
Barbara has said numerous times "Janelle stay home and take care of your child". How does Janelle respond to that? That she wants to go out and have fun with her friends. As a parent your first priority is your child and that means you stay home with that child. Janelle finally gets a job and a paycheck and where did the money go? She spent most of it on herself.What about diapers or formula for Jace? Oh yeah...Barbara provides all of that. Janelle decided to have sex and got pregnant and kept the baby. She no longer has the carefree life her friends have which is what she wants. The only postive action Janelle has made since the birth of Jace was to give her mother custody. Child protective services would have taken Jace from Janelle a long time ago if it wasn't for Barbara.
Janelle continues to prove she is unfit to be a parent. I pray she wakes up and gets herself together before she ends up having another child or three. Our foster system is full of children from mothers just like Janelle do we need her to add to it?


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