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Get real

For those of you who watch the reality shows - just how real are they? Think about it - there are cameras on these people. Wouldn't you think that alot of the stuff that goes on is for the camera? Would it really go on without people watching? No. They have to sell a product to get people to watch them. If they didn't have all this stuff going on, who would really care? It is TV folks - not real. I don't care how you advertise it.

The girl needs a reality check in her life. She needs to forget the show and grow up. Teen moms are becoming an epidemic today.Pre-marital sex is rampant and there is no thought of what might happend. Why - because Hollywood and society glamorize it. Having a child is real - it is a 24/7 event and the baby is not a toy to be put aside when it becomes too hard to deal with. We as a society need to put a stop to it. Moderate what your children watch, hear or are involved in. Let them know that it is not acceptable behavior. Turn off the reality shows and tune into reality.


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