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Power bills

We have a 1800+ square foot farm house built in the 40's. There is no insulation to speak of in the walls, none under the floor (sits on slab but floor is 6 inches from concrete), the insulation in the attic needs to be updated, we have 20 year old wood single pane windows with storm windows.......... all that being considered we have NEVER had a bill over 200.00 even with the record cold of the last 2 years. We had a 13 SEER new heat pump installed 3 years ago which is sized for a 2000 square foot house. We set it on 70 in the summer and 68 in the winter (back to 66 at night). Even though it has been running a lot this winter the bill still isnt over 200.00.

Heat pumps are not good for very cold weather they cant keep up and run on emergency heat quite a bit (which is when the heat coils come on), that really runs up your bill. Ours only does that when I jack it up more than 3 degrees manually. Otherwise our newer more efficient system has been doing pretty well. If yours is old or rated under 12-13 SEER you will get higher bills. Its been cold.. what do you expect?

If you have baseboard heaters you are going to have a whooper of a bill.


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