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i have been on four county

i have been on four county lines for about 3 years now and i know afew people that work there. obviously everyone is going to complain if they have their heat on 75 or 80, they will be paying for a high bill...well what about the price of gas? i have to pay 300 dollars to get my tank filled up, but it keeps me warm. did anyone notice the woman in the video said she turned her heat off, but wrote on here she put it on 60? hmm... what about the capitol credit check 4cty gives in dec? what about the credit they gave out in the month of december also for every 1000 kwh used? no one priased them for that. people get what they want and beg or complain for what they need. people will complain about bills but have their nails/hair done, drive nice cars, have nice clothes....people have their priorities messed up in todays world. electricity is like a cell phone go over on your minutes wont you have to pay extra? put your heat up you will pay extra. no wonder EVERY december your bill gets higher...its the start of WINTER!!!! bet it goes back down when you dont use heat! some say they do nothing different to their theromostat or they dont even touch it. well what do you think is happening outside? if you have your temp set at 75 all year around during the fall or spring it will not effect your bill mainly because the temp outside will be 65-70ish...when its winter and the temp is 15-30 degrees outside dont you think it will run a lot more? people just need to use common sense before they start causing a big fuss about their own use of heat.


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