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use common sense

i've had four county lines for about 3 years, did anyone praise them for the credit they gave out in dec? what about the capitol credits they give out every dec because they are for non profit. what about the price of gas? it costs 300.00 dollars to fill my gas tank up, but my power bill is around 120.00. which would you rather pay for? gas or electric. the main ones who complain about the power bill are the ones who have their nails/hair done, drive nice cars, and nice clothes; todays world has their priorites mixed up they get what they want and beg/complain about what they need. did anyone notice on the video the woman said she turned her thermostat off but wrote on here she set it back to 60? hmm someone got their story mixed up a little. your bill is going to jump up when the average temp outside is 30 degrees and you have your heat on 75 degress...youre heat pump isnt going to turn off! of course you arent going to pay a bill like this in the fall or dont need heat! wonder why your bill gets high every december? maybe thats because its the start of starts getting cold in december! maybe people should start using common sense before they start a big fuss on public tv.


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