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Progress energy

So Progress Energy doesn't Have your best Interest's at heart? Referring to high electric bills and/or Damage Claims.
Dear WWAY...
I submitted a "Damage claim" to Progress Energy for Damaged Computer Equipment, which happened on or about 12/15/2010.
Now, First I need to remind you that I'm a Disabled person with Limited income, (SSA).
I also have to take some fairly powerful Medications, to keep Pain in check as I was once a Commercial Fisherman & auto Mechanic, thus a very bad back, knee, foot, and being a One-Armed Amputee, I suffer from extreme Phantom pains... In addition to sever blood clotting problems with My blood, (think of the Late Capt. Phil Harris of Deadliest Catch, I've the same condition).
I talked with a Claims agent, Locally, His name is xxxxxx, during the very first part of the conversation, I let Him know I was hurting and on Medication(s)...
Speaking quickly back & forth, alot of Cash numbers were thrown around, as I gave Mr. xxxxxx the damaged components/model #'s, Which were a Computer and Monitor, and that on the computer I had upgrades, ie: a video card/Memory/and hard drives(2).
He suggested that I have these additional parts tested to see if they were still working...
Fast forward to 1/12/2011, remember, Mr. xxxxxx and I tossed a bunch of numbers back and forth, I being on Medications, (I'll list them in a minute), I sincerly Thought, I was getting paid for My Monitor AND Computer, thus I received 2 checks in the mail made out to ME, with MY address on it....
I cashed one, and Deposited the other.
The one cashed was for 300.00 the other was for 464.81.
The deposited check "cleared" My bank account.
I also during the conversation with Mr. xxxxxx, that I had a Minute phone, that was out of minutes, and could be reached by a long Term Family friend, and gave Him Her number for contact. No; She and I DO NOT reside together.
After the check had cleared on 1/12/2011, I conducted My business on replacing the Damaged Parts, then went to Holly Ridge on Wednesday to see My Brother, (to get oysters), and was out of touch with Angie xxxxxx Since Monday evening, and also My brother, whom DOES NOT have a phone.
While in Holly ridge, I must have picked up some Ethanol gas, or water in gas, causing Me to have to replace the fuel pump,Water had somehow with our below freezing conditions "froze" the fuel pump up and it burned up?)& (My brother helped because of My condition), and got it repaired and and Made it back to Wilmington Late Friday evening.
At which time, I was checking My on-line checking to see if My orders for the parts went through and checking My bank Balance....
To My complete Surprise and a heart attack to boot, I found My account -536.00 in the RED...
And Angie xxxxxx said i had a couple of Messages from Progress energy, but didn't know what they were, in addition She is *blind* so I don't really know what happened during My time "out of touch" with Her.
Being a MLK Holiday, I couldn't get with Mr McGuiness until Tuesday....
When I did speak with Mr. xxxxxx, I had asked Him exactly what the problem was. At which time He informed Me what I done was un-ethical and Fraud, and hinted, I was going to be charged with such..

Dear WWAY, I truly thought everything was on the up & up, and the 2 checks were for Damage claims I submitted...
Then upon getting My computer halfway working, I find out that in fact the whole system was "fried" as I sent a e-mail telling Him so, that both hard drives/video card etc were in fact no good.
On the drives, one was the OS of Vista, and a smaller drive for back-up, I informed Him in the e-mail that I had hundreds of pictures of My Mom whom died of cancer, and My Daughters graduation pictures, and information that was "priceless", (My pictures), of My daughters and family... They cannot be recovered nor replaced.
Though during the telephone conversation, He said SEVERAL times that I was fraudulent and un-ethical, (I had him on speaker phone so Angie xxxxx could hear)...
I replied to him, either this was a mis-understanding on His or both our parts as He knew I was under Medications at the time...
He Finally ADMITTED, YES it WAS HIS MISTAKE..... Though now I'm 500+ in the negative, not counting overdraft charges still to come, I will not be able to pay My bills... maybe even homeless after all is said and done... Again, (about the 5th time) He said and called Me a Fraud and un-ethical, for cashing these checks.
I talked with My Local bank, (BOA), showed them the Medicines I take and told xxxxxxx, exactly the contents of the phone call, what had happened, etc. She looked at My bank account activities and knew I was telling the TRUTH.. In addition to getting Mr. xxxxxx Managers name & phone number...(In Raleigh).....
A BIG Thank you, goes to My local BOA, xxx & Her Manager, in at least waiving the overdraft charges.
Now after playing phone & e-mail tag I finally spoke to Mr xxxxx, and He informs Me did I look at the check... The 464.61 wasn't "mine", if I had looked at it, it didn't have My name & address or something, (he wouldn't say what), that in fact He defended Mr. xxxxxxx on what the Man told Me, in other words, tried to say He didn't SLANDER Me, I've got a witness that heard Him on the speaker phone, He DID. In addition, Mr. xxxxxx tried His dern best to *bait me* into get into a argument with Him over this whole affair..
So thinking about this a second, I call My bank to see if they, in-fact got a copy of the checks, yes they do....
I've got the copies in My hand, Made out to ME, no-one else. nor any other address....
Both checks...
As I've said before, in the internal conversation, I though one was for the Monitor, the other for the computer, (not counting the upgrades, i dunno), But in NO WAY am I "fraud" and I'm NOW dealing with Progress energies 2nd mistake, I'm NOT going to be able to pay Most of My bills, rent/car insurance/water/sewer trash/gasbill/gasbill etc...
Not counting the extreme Stress, causing Me to feel like I'm having a heart attack over this matter.
AND going with-out heat, and keeping My water/gas usage as little as possible, ie: inother words, I've been going with-out ANY heat since this has happened, don't ask, it's quite cold at night..
Yes, I'm willing to share the e-mails I have and My bank records, showing that I purchased repair/replacement parts, AND the fuel pump...As I was out of touch with Angie xxxxxx..
Also Share with you the copies of these checks. As I in no-way shape or form "committed fraud" or was unethical..
Now that the fact Mr. xxxxx, slandered My name, Mr. xxxxx suggested I committed something wrong by cashing these checks.
Honestly WWAY, I thought everything was ok, and on the up & up, only to get bent over, and then to find out that Mr xxxxxx ENDORSED these checks! Took the funds back, (stop payment), putting Me in a serious bind, (I've been here with NO Heat, and NOT using water, little as possible, also worrying about My car insurance being paid...)
So WWAY, am I in the wrong?
That I was unable to get messages?From Angie xxxxx,while out of town?
That the insurance adjusters had My minute phone number, (no minutes), but had a alternate number and I couldn't be reached because of problems with My car?
BOTH checks were made out to ME AND My address.. For Damage claims.
Am I in the wrong here?
Or can you get Me help? and a pro-bono attorney that would take this case?
Second thoughts, as I explained to xxxxxxxx, If I was intent of "committing fraud", wouldn't I go to a check cashing place or something like that to cash the checks? Instead of depositing (it) into My own bank account?
If you wish, I'll come down to your studio, show you the check copies, and bring the broken equipment, and a print-out of My checking account...
I called Mr. xxxxxxx back,As He told Me the information on the checks were wrong, Impling a street addrees or name ,(I should-of looked at the check) that it wasn't supposed to be "mine" or something like that, I them promptly went to My local bank, got copies of the check, finding out it was Him that endorsed the check,My name/address/everything is a-ok on it...HIS MISTAKE! He refused to answer My call, and I asked Him to change His "tune" as I now had copies of both checks, He has since not retirend My call.... As He LIED to Me making Me look like a bad guy, which I'm NOT..

AND the Medicines I take every day...
Norcal 10/325
Avinza, (Morphine Sulfate) 30 micrograms
Valium 5 Mg's
Blood thinner 7.5 mg


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