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What WWAY failed to tell you

I want to fill in the blanks of what WWAY left out. I am a proud member of Open Door Baptist Ministries and would like to explain a few things. We did have a registered sex offender in our church. This was not a fact that was hidden or even trying to be hidden. However, WWAY did not tell you that Michael Butler was asked to leave our church over 2 weeks ago because he was not following the rules of the church. We do not take lightly to the accusations that we had a registered sex offender left unsupervised around our children, because this is untrue. Michael Butler was not left unsupervised with children. As a matter of fact, he was constantly monitored at all times while there were children in the church. It was also decided collectively as a church to not have any more individuals staying in the church so that we could have more youth services in the church. What WWAY did not tell you is when they took the camera crews upstairs, all the beds have been taken down and removed from the church over two weeks ago. After starting new children's programs at our church we needed the extra space and decided to not have any more individuals regardless of their background staying in the church. I am the mother of a young child and would NEVER allow my child to be placed into harm's way. Our Bible says "do unto the least of these as you would do unto me." We are a church that reaches out to helpless and hopeless people. Larry Shreve our pastor has a heart of Gold, and goes above and beyond to try to help hurting people. He is a strong man of God and I am proud of him and our ministries. I pray for those who are trying to come against what God is putting in place. Also, I would like to say, to my knowledge Michael Butler did not go back to jail on a sex related offense, it was because of his poor choices, and his inability to check in with his probation officer because he was out on the street after not following the rules laid out by the church. If there were no supervision in place, then why was it that two weeks ago, when it was snowing and ice on the ground, that Michael Butler and was placed out on the street. This was because he was breaking the rules set forth at the church. We have strict rules in place for those who were staying at the church, and if they broke those rules then we felt as a church out of respect for our members that we must take immediate action. Also, I feel like whoever made these accusations should come forward and present themselves. From what I have been told, the phone number that you left with the news crew and the email you left with the news crew were not valid phone numbers and your email address was not a valid email address. So, if you truly have these concerns then why not present yourself and address the church with your concerns. I would invite anyone who has any concerns to come visit our church just one time and you will see that God is doing awesome and mighty things!


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