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Substitute bank robber/ carjacker/ murder

Substitute bank robber, carjacker, or murderer for sex offender, and see how up in arms the community would be.

In fact, over 90% (either 94.7% or 96.5%, depending on the DOJ interpretation) of sex offenders are one-time offenders (sex offenses only). Only murder has less recidivism rate; however, consider that the mean sentence for a first or second degree murder is 12 years. Other serious or violent crimes involve a recidivism rate of over 40%. In addition, over 5 times as many children are hurt in non-sexual violent crimes than are victimized by sex offenders, first time or not.

But these are all rational responses. By any standards of metrics involved actual credence to recidivism rates, sex offenders are the most likely group of offenders to assimilate back into society.

Now, OBVIOUSLY I am not referring to offenders who commit actual violent rape (as opposed to consensual, but illegal, statutory rape). Those violent offenders should be behind bars for a long, long time, and all murderers should never get out of jail. But this is precisely my point; they don't NEED to be on a registry because they are incarcerated. Indeed, the big sex offender laws: Megan's Law, Jessica's Law, Chelsea's Law, are based upon crimes that have very little to do with the average sex offense against a child from a perspective of violence.

However, when it comes to adults, children, and sex, our society has an absolute revulsion to even rationalizing the reasons it happens. Note above how the offender never committed a crime against an actual child. Now, one can argue how he re-victimized the subjects of the photographs, but there is a different paradigm of victimizing.

The bottom line: only when society can get past the revulsion factor when trying to identify the root cause of such crimes as child sex can we actually create both prevention from the FIRST offense, as well as the pragmatic societal reintegration of sex offenders once they have served their punishment rendered through the courts.


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