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Sex Offenders and Churchs

Where else should a sinner go? I wish I had a church willing to give me a chance. Ya see, I'm a registered offender too. I'm living in New Hanover county. I have a place to stay, for maybe 6 more weeks. Then I'm out on the streets. I'm out because of economics not neighbors or the media, I have no more money left to pay rent with. I have been looking for work, have had several positive interviews. When we get to the background issues, I am very honest and tell of my convictions. I do not try to hide a thing. I have changed. Still, the doors remain shut.
What is an ex-con supposed to do? I don't go around begging for assistance, I was taught that a man had to work if he wanted anything. What happens when nobody is willing to let him work?
Some of us aren't the evil our conviction(s) make us out to be. Some of us have accepted we were wrong and changed. Some of us have accepted LORD and GOD.
I fully agree that society should keep a closer watch over me. I do everything my P.O. asks and more, to keep "sober" and victim free.
Nonetheless, what's a person to do? There is no organization in this county willing to assist a registered offender. At least, none that I've found in over a year of asking.
I applaud the church for trying to help. this is what churches are called to do, but how many actually do?


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