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Wow, talk about 'backwoods crap'? I am a proud, what did you refer to us as- ah yes, 'Lelandite', well educated and quite capable of debating with people like you making ignorant comments about Leland. Just because I am from Leland does NOT mean I am condoning anyone's 'alleged' behavior in this unfortunate situation-the teachers or students. That is just your 'right side of the tracks vs. wrong side of the tracks' ignorant opinion being voiced out of your dark soul. Maybe you live on the 'right' side of the bridge where the guy was stabbed to death outside of the club? Oh, wait, I assume it is more important to focus on this situation in Leland than on the many killings and high crime across the bridge? 'No biggie, it was just another murder, happens all the time here across the bridge!' How about you keep your murders, rapes, and high crime stats on your side of the bridge (and your ignorant assumptions), and we 'Lelandites' will keep our commerce in Brunswick County.


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