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Has anyone heard of the crazy iphone app???

I am not here to judge this teacher, but merely to make a comment regarding texting. Is anyone familiar with an iphone app that will allow one to "override" one's phone number and insert another's phone number to send text messages and make calls?? My son is in high school and we were recently contacted by a parent who claimed that my son had sent inappropriate text messages to their daughter. My son swore that he did not send them~Wanting to believe him and not discount the girls parents, we contacted our cellular provider to secure a copy of all calls and text messages sent from his phone--the text was not there, although it clearly showed on the girls phone...the really inappropriate text with a photo I did not need to see, along with his phone number and name. After three weeks of searching and talking to other kids at school, I was able to determine that another kid had actually sent the message from his jailbroken iphone through some crazy APP that allows you to insert a name or cell phone number and make it appear the call or text is coming from that person. AT&T verified that this APP exists and that they have been subpoenaed in several pending cases in Brunswick County Court for threats via text messages. The Principal was obviously not nearly as upset as I was about this, in fact he did not seem to think it was serious at all, just kids playing around. Am I the only one that has my panties in a wad over this, or has this happened to anyone else????? I am NOT in any way saying that this is the case here with this teacher, so please don't assume that. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience in this regard?
Another question.... another teacher did this very same thing at South Brunswick... then married the student..he was not arrested, wonder why?? The Sheriff's Dept was clearly able to show that a texting dialogue had been going on for months, at late hours, inappropriate sexual content, and he was not arrested. Just wondering!


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