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Leland concerned parent

First of all in this country everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of Law.It is a shame people like you have already convicted him and you do not know what happened you only know what has been reported. Thats whats wrong with this country until it happens to you or one of your family members you will never know the hurt or pain that it effects on a family.SHAME ON YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAVE YOUR SMART REMARKS TO SAY. ONLY THE BAD THINGS ARE BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE TO SPREAD GOOD NEWS ONLY THE BAD....He is a father with small children and people like you are hurting them. I do not know if you are a parent or not. If not if you become a parent you will never know what that feels like for someone to hurt your children until it happens to you or one of your family members. If you are one of those who think it cannot happen to you or one of your family members your living in a dream world because in this world to day any one can be falsely accused. To your comment about Leland there are wonderful people here who care about one another and there is something called SLANDER be very careful what you say.....The Media can be very hurtful in things they report they do not care what happens in the long run only what they can dig up on people to report. They need to start reporting more good things stop supporting the medias are not the judge GOD is the judge and there will be a judge in court.HE COULD BE could be falsely accusing him of something he did not do. If he did do it it will be up to the court system to take care of this matter. Your comment is a good example of the negativity in this big bad world we live in. A concerned parent......


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