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Has anyone thought of

Has anyone thought of putting a reasonable solution on here? WOW! I have lived in Wilmington for 40 years now and rarely visit downtown, especially at night. However, I recently went on a Saturday night just to see what all the hype is about. I was totally amazed at the amount of clubs, as well as the crowd. I saw young people so intoxicated/drugged up that they could hardly walk down the street. What came to my mind? A breeding ground for trouble. And yes, I saw police presence. Unfortunately, all 6 officers were hanging out together in one ally. Not sure how this helps with monitoring the streets. So, here are a few suggestions to offer up:

1. Police officers just need to be assigned to certain streets, and be vigilant. Hanging out in an ally does not show a great presence.

2. The club owers should invest in a hand-held license scanner that can network them together for monitoring patrons that may need to be banned from the clubs for a period of time.

3. Bouncers should be trained to see trouble brewing. Don't even wait for something to happen. Any sign of trouble....ask for a license, scan it, and place that person on the banned list for all the clubs. Then politely ask them to leave. Request police escort if necessary. If the bar owners work together on something like this then people will think twice before starting trouble in fear of losing their playground for a few months.

4. Club owners and all workers should be trained to spot gang members and issues. Gang members will always flag themsleves in one way or another. And all races join gangs so please don't take this as a racist comment. When you are aware of gang representations, and what gangs rival which, you will have a clue if there are potential problems in your club.

5. Police officers also just need to start arresting folks. It may be overwhelming at first but a strong message will be sent that enough is enough.

Meanwhile, all that visit downtown...take care and watch yourselves. Its a terrible thing when someone goes out to have a good time and winds up hurt or dying. My heart goes out to the family of the young man killed last night. Whatever the reason for the violence, it could never be good enough for a life.


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