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As an African American male

As an African American male I'm just embarrassed at the events that took place that night. We can blame whites for being racist well stop giving them ammunition to use against us!!! I can imagine it was a mad house down there that night with others looking at us like they're animals. If the you don't like the perception don't live the stereotype. As an educated, young black male I always took pride in not living out the stereotypes associated with us as some blacks just seem to have no shame. Whites if you want to blame somebody blame these liberals who thought it was a good idea to build an urban, poor economy off black's back in the 60s and 70s through the War on poverty with government programs. The problems blacks face today were predicted almost 40-50 years ago by Patrick Moyhinan(spelling) under the the JFK administration. His report on blacks and urban poverty predicted and stated that government programs that were targeted at black communities with no consideration to the culture of blacks would send the race spiraling down, and it did. Liberals feed off this urban economy as it provides jobs for them at the expense of everyone tax dollars, discourages blacks from improving their own situation because daddy government is there to fit the bill, and little can be done about it. Blacks say hey racism DOES exist but you have more opportunity now than ever take advantage of it rather waiting for a government issue check to come, they're accused being white and casted out of the black community because they don't follow the program of being a victim with no power to change their circumstances. Other races comment on the obvious they're accused of being racist by both blacks and liberals who are upset you're endangering their urban pimp hustle. Liberals provide excuses on why we can't get it together so a relationship has been formed. Its said plain and simple.....


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