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What I Suggest?

Dear Guest:

Thank you for leaving your comments.

However, I feel the need clarify some of what you wrote.

As in every story posted, the story itself is based in fact and attribution. There is no bias. There are no "suggestions" as you mention.

Underneath those stories are COMMENTS left by VIEWERS. They ARE NOT based in fact - they are the opinions of our viewers and users.

We allow viewers to comment on stories as part of our Live, Local, Interactive brand.

I understand that many of them might frustrate, annoy, even anger you. But they do not reflect the views or opinion of the TV station.

I invite you and all who think our News Department agrees, condones, respects, etc the comments posted to separate the two in your mind. We're responsible for the stories. Our viewers exercise their First Amendment Right by leaving their thoughts and comments.

NOT agreeing with them is your right too.

Scott Pickey
News Director


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