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You want to know who killed him?

Every single teacher who simply shrugged when a student said that he was thinking about dropping out of high school.

Every single guy who bragged about how prison wasn't that bad, and how it made him tougher.

Every single mom/grandmother who did NOTHING when junior came home at 3AM on a school night with a wad of cash in his pocket and a 9mm in his waistmand.

Every single friend who didn't say, "I'm sorry, but I can't be your friend if you're going to jail all the time.

Ditto any friend who didn't say, I won't be friends with a gang-banger.

Every single person who laughed because so-and-so just shoplifted three DVD players from Wal-Mart. Every single person who didn't hesitate to buy one from him....or a case of stolen diapers....or a case of stolen infant formula.

Every single pwrson who knows who stabbed this young man, but won't let the police know. They also did a lot toward killing the next guy.

THAT is who killed him. The whole community killed him, because "these things just sorta happen," right?


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