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For one he WAS NOT a

For one he WAS NOT a convicted felon get your story right before you come on here critisizing someone you dont know.Just as a human being lookin outside this incident you should have enough decency and respect for somone's family that's in mourning right now if anything with a heart like yours i would hate to have you at my house right now.Maybe you as well as the media should take a good look at yourselves as people and ask who the the real "thugs" are! this is coming from his mother and his sister that has to love him unconditionally which i hope you all will have the decency to do with your love ones when they dont fit in this "perfect" my son wasnt perfect i unlike most of you can admit to it.When your love one is murdered i'm sure the last thing you want to hear is that they deserve it.And the media in one second telling that there's justice but then sneaking in punches telling about his past which is irrelevant at this moment.You all need to get yourselves together as a media and as a people if you want to tell a story tell it right and tell the whole story moreless tell the truth!


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