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Where are the patrols???

There used to be an appropriate amount of officers downtown. What happened? Where are they now? It is not a surprise when the clubs close, where are the officers?
Provide adequate policing when needed, simple. This will not eliminate, but it will curb the violence.
When the police persuade people to disperse and not remain gathered after business hours the problem will lessen.
For those that do not know, go downtown an look for yourself. The police patrol is minumum at best when the clubs are open. Then most of that is at the intersection of market and front and no where else.
It is a neccessity to have a patrol on each block and extend to the surrounding streets. These patrols need to be there to keep people safe that walk home, to disperse groups and provide check points for DUIs.
There used to be a complete team downtown, surveillance, paddy wagon, foot patrols, horseback and cruisers. Where did they go?
Other cities provide this type of emforcement for their entertainment district, why not Wilmington?


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