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According to WHQR, downtown holds a record....

....and not an eviable one: The most dense packing of bars in the state!

With all the military and college towns, Wilmington holds that record? What an accomplishment!

Other towns may have more, but we were smart enough dense-pack them to insure that when the bars close, we have thousands of drunks in a relatively confined area.

How did New York clean up that former swine pit known as Times Square? Zoning laws. Wilmington could do the same thing. They could cap the number of bars. They could restrict the number of bars per city block. (You simply restrict any new license being issued until a bar closes. If you want to reduce the number of bars, you simply stop new licenses until five or ten close.)

To hurry those closings along, they became absolute death on following the letter of the law. If your maximum occupancy was two-hundred and you had more than that on a couple of snap, unannounced inspections by the fire marshal, you lost your license. If ALE caught you serving minors or obviously intoxicated persons on a few occasions, you lost your license.

Ah, but that took leadership, stamping out corruption within government departments, and a real desire to truly clean up the place.

We'll never see that from Wilmington's City Council.


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