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Consider this...

If the students were minors, then a criminal charge would have been sealed when they got older. Infact, it probally would have been handled as a community service type punishment. However, obviously, it was never proven that these children were the culprits. A civil suit would not hurt, harm, or teach the children a lesson, as they do not have any money, and a lein would have been placed on them affecting thier credit. We do not know what thier parents' thought process was on this matter, or what Mark Riel did to provoke the alleged. I am sure there is more than one side to this story, yet the bottom line is this: 1. The children were not arrested for criminal activity 2. One student filed suit against Mark Riel 3. Mark Reil decided to drop the suit when he learned that he was being sued Now, this being factual, I wander exactly what the student counter sued for? I wander why he dropped the suit? AND, the media has not mentioned if this student he was "sexting" was a female OR a male. Also, everyone is talking about "proof"....I am pretty sure that the police will be able to identify body parts when doing a comparison to the phone texts, and Mark Riel.


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