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". . . others say city

". . . others say city leaders should step up and come up with solutions."

City leaders will do *nothing* to curb downtown's alcohol-fueled violence.

City leaders allowed---even encouraged---the shotgun proliferation of downtown bars, and now the city is reaping the terrible consequences.

Since the high density of bars is the problem, let the bars hire their own armed security guards. Tax payers should not be saddled with the expense of "adding more policemen" to patrol the out-of-control downtown drunks.

And . . . it's not just the VIOLENCE, it's the puking on the streets, the vandalism, the noise, the drunk drivers leaving the bars to kill themselves and others on our streets and highways, and . . . and did I mention the noise?

Time for WWAY to take on the politics of Downtown Wilmington--the politics that allow bar owners and patrons to get away with just about anything.

Keep up the fine reporting, WWAY. Responsible media need to expose the downtown scene in all its late-night, alcoholic squalor.

I have to see it with my own eyes every weekend.


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