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To hold the bar owners responsible for the actions of others outside of the club is absolutely a stupid statement.
#1- Get more foot patrol officers out there to handle this.
#2-Change some laws that allow the officers to enter these locations.
I worked many years in law enforcement handling the club scene and when I had a problem with the business/owners I called in my local State Liquor Authority and Board of Health and they had a field day writing the owners up. When the club owners refused to play nice with the police, out came the troops and we hit them right where it hurts, in the pockets.
#3-Require all security guards to be licensed by the state and require them to keep the front of the club area clear or be cited.
Bottom line here, security and the owners are not responsible for the actions of others outside of the club when they leave. This problem falls on the Police Department, and if the Chief and Mayor think differently they should resign or move to another planet.
Want to safe money and hire new cops, stop allowing the officers to take the patrol car home.


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