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As many as we can spare?

I have stated this before and now I will state it again.
I lived downtown for over six years. I have been to cities across the globe. The only reason I moved away from downtown is for a quieter place with a yard for my newborn.
With that said, downtown used to have a surveillance bus, a paddy wagon, many patrols on foot and in cars, along with horseback patrols. This was not every night, but on busy weekend nights there was a large police force in the entertainment district.
Where has it gone? I have on many occasions walked from The Firebelly Lounge to Market and Fifth, not seeing one officer. This is unnacceptable. The few patrols are at market and front.
There used to be police cars in the median at second and front, not lately. The police force downtown has all but dissappeared. You tell me what the problem is.
All businesses downtown and city wide pay sufficient tax to support a decent force for downtown, where is the money going?
Every city I have been to has a large police presence in their entertainment district. This includes Savannah, Charleston and Greensboro to name a few. I name these cities because I have seen the comments about how we could be a little Charleston if it wasn't for the bars.
Well let me tell you these cities have bars, a lot of them. THEY ALSO HAVE SUFFICIENT POLICING WHEN NEEDED. Where is our sufficient policing when needed. NOT DOWNTOWN.
These cities also provide downtown clean-up crews. It is just a fact, the busier the district the more city support is needed. Plain and simple.
To close, the individuals causing trouble are to blame for the problems caused. The city is responsible for policing these individuals. Without sufficienst policing the problems will persist.


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