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Good Deal

I am a 36 y/o black male married 17 years and with three children. I always read these blogs about the violence and other incidents that take place downtown. I will say it's about time this has happened because people are sick and tired of going out and being worried about making it home with their lives. Everyone needs an outlet or someplace to go out and blow off some steam and just relax, but this type of club doesn't seem to be the place. I'm not saying it's a terrible place but my grandmother used to say that you are known by the company you keep. So if the club allows these young hooligans with no life and no responsibilities to patronize their club they deserve to be categorized along with them. I would love to take my wife out sometime and have and drink and just listen to some music but I won't take her to a place like this where I have to worry about getting shot or fighting if I step on someone's shoes or bump into them. Some other black people may disagree with my summation of our people but deep down they know it's true. We aren't all like that just like all whites are racist but there are those undesireable people in every race. I would love to see a nice jazz club or nice r&b club come to wilmington someday so the mature crowd would have somewhere to go but in my circle, we usually just sit at home or invite a few friends over for a quiet evening. This should happen with all the downtown clubs if you have people spilling out into the street at two am on the weekends drunk and disorderly. You know most of them are also driving home and putting lives at risk. I could sit and rant all day but just like the city demolished Jervay and sort of cleaned that area up they need to do the same with these disruptive clubs downtown.


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