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Violence Downtown

It blows my mind how oblivious everyone one is being. I, like everyone else was under the impression that the fight started in and outside of the Rhino Club, but after talking to my friends who were dt, I got the real facts. Apparently, the Rhino was already closed and everyone was walking to their cars. The fight started while they were at Slice of Life waiting for pizza. And the stabbing happened in the parking lot next to Slice of Life. My friends said that everyone had come from the Rhino, but when it let out, there was no fight. In fact, in the 6 years I lived Downtown, most of the fights I did see, happened in front of Slice. That's what happens when thousands of people bottleneck themselves to one location and fight for a slice of pizza at 2:00 AM. The fact is, Wilmington PD are afraid of black people. They can say they're not and some may not be, but as a whole, they very much are. This became more obvious when the Chief of Police stated that they can not breakup a fight till it happens. WHAT!? It's called taking preventive measures, and it's clear that the WPD do not believe in Preventive Measures. I would never call out an agency hired to protect me, but I have to say something when I have been watching fights happen in front of police for years while they do nothing. I hate the fact that its a White/Black thing, but it is. Everyone trying to deny it's not a race issue, saying it's a "thug" issue is a bunch of bull. Wilmington has tried to shut down EVERY black club that has existed in Wilmington. If these instances were to happen inside the club, then the club would be dangerous, but when it happens in the streets that the Police are hired to protect. COPS Fault. They were there. They could have stopped the fight before it happened, but they were to scared to get involved until the fight broke out and they were forced to step in. The chief says they're not allowed to, that's BS. They dropped the ball on this one.

PS: 10 police downtown on a weekend. That probably how many Wrightsville Beach uses and they have thousands less to look after.


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