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R.I.P. TAARON...His death was a huge lost to alot of people and further more because he was in a gang dont mean he didnt have goals in life...if you took a walk in his shoes then you would know how his life was. Everybody voicing they opinions but dont know nothing. He could have been out having a good time with his friends when it happened...please dont be so quick to judge unless you grew up with us and lived the life..He was a outstanding person and someone we loved dearly...yes he was in a gang yes he may have done bad things by why bring up is past for what what does it prove...that wilmington is racist and i know that because i was born and raised there. if you die and your background is not clean they air the dirty laundry for no reason. to talk about the past of a death person when it was bad proves to show that wilmington didnt and dont have many opportunities for youth to do something outside of being in gangs and whatnot..police harass the black community on a day to day basic even if they just walking to the store or not...smh...its ashame how society is having such an effect like this saying all this disrespectful things about him...smh...LIKE I SAID KEEP ALL YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTS TO YOURSELF BECAUSE HE YOU DONT KNOW HIM PERSONALLY AND LIVED HIS LIFE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY...HE WAS A FRIEND/BOYFRIEND/BROTHER/COUSIN/UNCLE/FAMILY TO THOSE WHO NOW MOURN HIM...SHOW RESPECT BECAUSE BESIDES HIM BEING IN THE GANG WAS ALSO HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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