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Stating the Facts

Personally, I believe regardless if the individual was black, white, green, yellow, or polka dotted blue... a life was still taken and justice needs to be served. So wat if he was a high ranking gang member!!!! No one deserves to lose their life over someone else's stupidity!!! We cannot blame Taaron because he was in a gang, we cannot blame the Rhino because it happened "OUTSIDE" of their club, we cannot blame the WPD because of the lack of officers on duty, BUT we CAN BLAME the coward who took his life, who is STILL WALKING THE STREETS!!!!! Also, due to the fact that he was a gang member should be all the more reason we come together as a community and stop this senseless violence!!! All this stir of the media consistantly elaborationg on the fact that he was a gang member is ridiculous and needs to stop... what business is it of theirs or the WPD (yes im pointing the finger becasue it had to come from them... WWAY doesn't have access to criminal records) to expose someones criminal and/or background history regardless of what color you are, where you live, or the set you claim. Yes I strongly agree that when an African American (even Hispanic- depending on the crime) is involved, it is more common that the childhood and criminal background history is brought up... but why??? what does it prove?? what does it solve??? Moreless... what is the purpose especially when a life has been taken??? Has anyone thought to take the time to think about the family?? This is the second child they have lost in less than a month!!! Where is tha compassion and sympathy for the mother who has to bury her child!!! Has anyone thought to send her a condolence, a card, a flower or two... NO because they'd rather badger and brow beat her son's character!!! Furthermore, if the media was so politically correct they would know that Taaron was NOT fighting... he was actually an innocent bystander who failed victim to someone's cowardness!!! Where are the video tapes... im sure the many cameras downtown in that area have captured somthing!!!! I just hope that justice is served and the case isn't closed because it was a black on black crime and he was in a gang!!! My prayers go out to the Jones family... may God bless you all in this time of need and may you all be granted the justice and closure that you deserve!!! R.II.P. Taaron aka Merk Biddy... you were a great person, and well loved by many, a positive influence in the community, and to people around you. You will truly be missed!!! <3


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