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Well if City Saloon hires the cops on their own time why do they have the uniform on that my tax dollars help buy? And if they really were dedicated cops then they would help break up fights when they are in the street instead of laughing and watching.....YES I have seen you do it and so have others!!!!! Put my tax dollars to work and instead of eating donuts and TRYING to IMPRESS the girls get to work and do your job.
One thing I don't think Saffo and the other high ranking folks in Wilmington, NC have thought of is where are all these gangs who attended RHINO Club going to go now that they can't go there? Maybe Landfall or causing trouble at another bar that some of us like to go to because there is no drama!!!!! Oh wait or is it the goal to clase all the bars downtown is safer for ALL THE PEOPLE LINING UP FOR THE CONVENTION CENTER?
We don't need more robo cops just people that do their job and do it right. Whatever happen to paddy wagons and many times I have seen the cops break up a fight and tell the people to get lost....WHAT!!!!! They were drunk and you sent them on their way? What if they had been driving or been hit like I was by a drunk driver? Or do we care about that!!!!!


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