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Barfield, open up your emails

"Quite simply the majority of those you serve with on the TAC are tired of this mess".

Yes, they must be tired. Fighting for Leland and Brunswick County, Futch has stood in the way and opposed the skyway project.

If there's nothing in your emails, open them up. Its not a game, its the law.

By the way, the building we bought on Ronald Sparks recommendation that was supposed to be mold free, but wasn't, whats the latest info on that.

Quit trying to ruin our county with a $7 per vehicle toll bridge.
And that's only 1 way.

Wilmington needs to wise up, before the clowns drag all of you down.

$35,000 for tinkertoys and markers. When are politicians going to learn not to waste taxpayer dollars.

Why don't you resign Barfield, and stop your crying about wasting time and money.

You've never worried about it before.


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