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"Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas says the controversial church plans to protest her funeral. Westboro Baptist is known for protesting the funerals of servicemen and women by claiming their deaths are God's punishment to America for allowing homosexuality and other sins." First and formost....a funeral is a service honoring the life that was lived. Not the "lives of others." This young woman served her country so that people like this could have their say. HER LIFE is being honored, NOT the people she served for. There are only 2 days in one's life-time that actually count whole-heartly as theirs. Their birth & their death days. Leave this woman in peace, her family has suffered enough. I pray for the family and will keep them in my heart. As for the church group, it is not for you to pass judgement. If you were "truely a christian" you would not attend this service to protest, but to honor her courage for the service she provided of allowing you to have freedom of speech to believe in that sort of crap. As for the community, I believe they should offer a free service of protecting her funeral against the protestors for the family of the deseased. It is hard enough to loose the life of your child, let alone tarnish the only oppertunity to honor her selfless act. Honeslty I hope the church protestors get a huge slap in the face from God when their judgement day comes around.


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