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They call there self a church! I say radical cult

This radical cult needs to leave these people alone.They call there self a church,there nothing but a bunch of radical nut jobs that has nothing no better to do but try to up set grieving families.I really hope this family can lay her at rest peacefully like they ask.I want to thank her family for her service in the Army.She is a hero in my eyes and heart and all the others that has sacrifice there life for our freedom.There is a time and place for everything,but to protest at a funeral that so disrespectful.If this was a true, caring,giving church they would be out there helping,holding this family up in the time of there grief not trying to upset them more that what they are now.Mr Thompson and Family, So sorry for your loss.I prey your daughter gets to be laid to rest in peace and with the respect and honor she deserves.


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