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pay raise in months?

You said "...and county workers have gone months without seeing a pay increase."

Months without a pay raise? Are you kidding? County workers dont DESERVE monthly pay raises..and where in this country does anyone GET MONTHLY PAY RAISES?

Im in a Tech job and make way above average wages for Wilmington and havent seen a raise in years. NO ONE gets monthly pay raises, so that doesnt hold any water. If they do, then that could be part of the problem here with our budget.

As far as Jason goes, I dont particularly like the guy, but hes right in the aspect of having to spend money to get people here. 20-40k dollars isnt too much to spend to bring people to Wilmington that will influence others to help out or to act as goodwill ambassadors to others for future possible relationships.

And Scott, Im surprised you took the time or have the understanding of anything that isnt related to fluffing & covering for Obamas plundering mistakes and ineptness.


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