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He has a point

Sir, that probably wasn't the right language to get his point across but within the past few months WWAY has let its earlier success get to its head. Thompson has made a very accurate, albeit blunt point; your organisation now chases after headlines (and if not ratings, website hits) with little to no regard for who you hurt in the process. While I commend you for your past exposure of political scandal (RC Soles) and nursing home abuse, among many other excellent stories, I must condemn you wholeheartedly for your persistent and recent journalistic failures. Among other things, you have allowed your news organization to become a forum for disgruntled, maladjusted, and often illiterate individuals to settle their own vendettas against local doctors, businessmen, and even their neighbors and former friends. Rather than reporting the news, you often make the news, and rather than fact-checking, you make assumptions. Furthermore, your writing style is hyperbolic and frequently didactic. Unless you return to journalistic integrity and the fundamentals of newsreporting that once earned the respect of Wilmington, you should expect to be called out for your recklessness and sleaze-mongering.


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