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I think this girl is a

I think this girl is a little nutty for handling roadkill to begin with. However, some of those who have commented are not far behind, including the county and animal control. I assume that all the ordinances pertain to live animals, which is a good thing. However, if the cat was dead to begin with, why has any "crime" been committed? She assumed the responsibility of catching something from the carcass, so why fine her? I suppose the county coffers are somewhat low on funds, so there are all sorts and kinds of "gotchas" now that result in fines. If I were her, I would persue this in the court system. Things are really out of control when a person puts a picture of a dead cat on the internet and gets fined for it. As for the ones threatening her, I hope the authorities get your ISP addresses and come after you, because you have committed a much worse crime than she has even if she killed the cat.


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