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so manny people ready to

so manny people ready to point fingers. Ok yes its a little odd to most people that someone would do something like this however did you not pay attention to the artical? Was their something missleading in the tittle to trick you into clicking on it? Or did you not go out of your way to read an artical about someone skinning a cat? you sick people are so quick to judge. Ok so lets look at a comparison wich is rare for me but in this case ill do it. Girl finds dead cat, takes it home, skins it, takes pics, post them VS: someone is pariaded around town as a hero, dressed in the finest clothes he/she can afford, is presented proudly to a stadium full of PAYING spectators, a bull is released, he/she plays with it, sticks some 20 or more sharp spears in it, then finily kills it with a sword to the heart. Im not condouning what has been done, I have not seen the pics and I do not know the facts but, this is her art. If we condone it in other forms we must accept this one too. good luck to you with the coruts


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