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Animal and human cruelty

I would check to see if someone has prescribed psychiatric drugs for her or if she is suffering from behavior problems due to a physical illness. The prescriptions drugs, amounts, mixtures and durations of DRUG treatments these days are causing serious behavior issues.

I believe she must be ill. If she has a pattern of this behavior with a history, that means she was likely a child when it began.

I don't think anyone behaves this way unless something has happened to them in the past, including some injury to their brains to cause it.

And yes, we do promote this behavior in a way with our labs, including drug testing that the pharm industry does on innocent animals all the time.

Before she is considered a criminal, there needs to be an investigation into these issues.

I am strongly against animal cruelty. I am also against what the drug industry is doing to people and animals and getting away with - never charged with crimes - only monetary slaps on the hand.

For more on what medications can do, especially to children or those in their early 20s - read Dr. Peter Breggin's books or Robert B Whitaker's.


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