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topic of teen skinning a cat

what kind of an idiot would say, its just a cat????? as was stated, its a living, breathing, feeling animal. i personal think animals are better at expressing emotion for someones elses suffering better than some people, like you obviously. this girl is sick and gonna get sicker if someone dosnt stop it she just might up the anti and kill babies. killing of anything is wrong. animals have no voice thank god for people like the one above in this comment list who called her in. you are a saint. god wants us to be stewarts over the animals and he wants us to forgive, i need to work on that. but i treat people how i would want to be treated. irregardless of how they are to me. some days easier than others but i try. this isnt about judgement but it is about recognizing this girl needs some serious help. it is up to us to stand up for what is right, and report to people who handle this not for us to but for the authorities to. this cat deserves some so called human compassion. like any living thing. thanks to all of you who wrote in about this and i for one commend you all. you all are not judgeing just saying she needs help, it is hard not to be outraged by this type of thing and after all we are human. how heartbreaking. just sorrowed by the crueltys of my own kind.


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