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making changes in down

As you look at history,when something bad happens , then something changes, some good, some badd, But as clubs and and business in the Wilmington area have done before, not to make this a black and white issue, but that is what it really comes to . Not all the time does trouble follow when the black youth are around, and these things about gangs, you feed to much into these children mostly of broken home and low income ways of living , so they come together as a family to each other , thats where the media comes with the word gang( in most story,,,not always so).But we as a people need to find better ways to handle these children cryin out for help. And why was there not the police outside of the club that nite of this stabbing, as they are in past times , there is alot of the story not being told. If the club owner have to do there part ,then so does the city as a hold....


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