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What a miscarriage of Justice

How is it that this guy walked the streets, (because he doesn't have a drivers license) and has a criminal record that more than indicates he has a problem with authority ,laws,and some how has the charm to lure ( I mean intimidate) these young vulnerable women into his world???? What judge is ignoring the fact this guy is a criminal with serious mental problems, who will offend over and over and over again. This guy can NOT be rehabilitated. He has proved that. It seems as if this is one example of the lack of our courts and law enforcement doing their jobs. They are quick to defend many things, and will have many excuses as to why this guy walked our streets, abused/killed/injured women. They will begin to tell you HIS rights. Those girls had rights too. Believe me, these girls are two of many. As our police chief said when the young man was killed in front of the Rhino Club, the people need to take some responsibility for their actions...well I am quite sure that if we took responsibility and delivered justice our way, he would not support our actions to protect our young women from Dwayne Moore. Wake up people!


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