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Wait, wait, wait....

Normally the "he was a good man" chorus doesn't kick in until ol' Dewayne is the LATE Dewayne.

It's amazing how you castigate the media ("if this was baltimore or new york it wouldnt even make news papers but why is nc so different....) and imply that this may somehow be the victims' fault: "so if he did this like all the evidance says he did because the cops are looking for him, what set him off with these 2 girls and not me or any of his friends what did these girls do? why tiffany why kayla? what set him off with them? were they complletly iniocent?" (sic)

Let me dumb it down for you. This isn't Baltimore or New York. It's Wilmington, North Carolina and thankfully we have not yet reached a point where a murder is so commonplace that it's page ten news. I'm sorry if finding out that your good buddy isn't exactly a choir boy upsets you, but the media is simply doing their job. Hopefully the publicity will warn the woman he's trying to scam right now.

Yes, all the evidence points to your good friend as having shot these two women and he's now on the run in a car he stole, but WHY he did it is the subject matter for armchair criminologists and apparently message board posters who couldn't pass an eighth-grade English composition quiz.

For the rest of us, we simply want the homicidal, thieving piece of crap apprehended or qualifying for "good man" status while resisting arrest.

If I were you. I'd seriously reconsider who I pal around with and who I bring home to meet my child. You obviously knew NOTHING about Dewayne Moore's character and temperment.


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