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You seem to have a question

You seem to have a question to gays being born that way.Well I can say I was. I would not have chosing to be repetaly attacked in jr high to the point of quiting school. and no i did not do anything to provoke it and at 16 was beat and threating with a sickle by two men simply becouse I was setting out side a gay bar.and at 18 being jumped at a service station by three men beating and having my 1974 country squire wagon pulled onto my leg.becouse I had just left a gay bar right across the they did not rob me and many many more abuses over the years.From people who think I chose this life.If you are gay your are born that way you just dont wake up one morning and say I think ill be an outcast now.Do you think that if some man came to you and tried to recruit you you could change?and if you could then you would not be gay you would be bisexual.So yes Gays are born Gay just as Bisexuals are born Bisexual and Straights are Born Steaight Now as for this case the news did not say they jumped this guy just becouse he was gay. I cant say that it was not a cotributing factor. for I do not know any of the people involved.But they are better ways to handle any situation then violance.


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