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here are facts that are

here are facts that are backed by facts this is not an opinion ...that man has the constitutional right to walk down the road he payed 30yrs of taxes for and to not be harrased or subjected to any neighbors animals running freely... pittbulls are a privilege not a constituional right, although they are recieving constituional rights by being a pet and walking on public tax payed school property unleashed until harm is done ...pittbulls do not pay taxes ,they do not fight wars ,they do not deliver mail ...fact pitbulls are the #1 canine that are attacking and killing americans ..fact until owning a dog or cat is federally or state regulated,taxed,liscensed,insured you have an influx of animals in shelters and running the streets and roads causing taxpayers and citizens problems ..fact.. i do not own a pet why are my tax dollars being used for animal control/animal shelters and other pet related federal or state funded projects and why do i have to be submitted to your pet when in public on tax payed property unleashed wondering if i am safe???pets are a luxury and a privilege and i do not own one yet my taxes are being used for them ...


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