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It does sound like all this is connected, in another article it said that Kayla (the girl reported to be shot Earlier in the week) is the Aunt of Tiffany Dawkin's nephew so not only is the same guy allegedly responsible for both shootings, the two girls were not family but had ties to the same family. Me personally, if the family was telling me that they think this is the person who shot Tiffany, I wouldn't want to even try to get involved in the relationship....... It's unfortunate that another girl had to be shot, but it possibly may have been a blessing in disquise to prove what the Dawkin's family has been telling the police for over a year now. I pray for both families in this ordeal and hope that they find the peace that they need to move forward. Unfortunatly this person has yet to be caught and in these types of situations alot of times the suspect is usually found dead due to self inflicted injuries........ May peace be with everyone involved including the family of the suspect because this time is going to be tough for them as well.


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