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Most Americans earn two weeks a year of paid vacation time. Canadians have double that number of days and Italy leads the western world with 42 vacation days each year. It's the time of year to get away. If you went to work today you might have noticed a bunch of empty desks. It's vacation season. And that means people are leaving behind the cares of the office for the fun of summer sun and sand. More than half of all Americans say they'll take a summer break this year. Survey data show baby-boomers -- people between 43 and 61 years old -- are the most likely to take a vacation. They are most likely to have the cash and accrued days off to leave the workday behind. Senior citizens are the least likely demographic group to take a trip. Almost half of us who do take time off will spend more than $1,000 while away. The most popular vacation activity is visiting friends and family. More than half of all summer trippers will do just that. A third of us will seek out scenic destinations and 30 per cent will head to the beach.

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