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Regardless where you are

Regardless where you are from, the problem still exist. Referring to someone's location or origin has nothing to do with whether you're qualified for a job or not. If you do not like the south, it would be better if you return to New Jersey. Obviously, you must have a reason for being here, you are living in the area.

No one has to adjust to other citizens traditions because you are unhappy with customs in a specific geographical area. Some traditions are nice and I hope that "southerners" will keep our traditions. I am a southerner but can adapt to any location of residence. It's not about degrading people's intellect, it's about respecting cultural diversity, and appreciating the diversity of other people.

Sounds like some people or someone is unconcerned with living with other cultures and appreciating diversity...Again, obviously the south offered you something for your benefit, you are living here! the natives here were fine before aggresive people moved here -- you can not force people to change their customs. We, and most natives from this area happen to know people in our communities and this is what has made our communities for years a great place to live. I can say that as a native, since a lot of migration has occurred, things have changed and some of the changes are not good and I wish that the agressiveness, greediness and lack of concern would return from whence it came from! Again, return to your place of origination if you are unhappy here...

I agree I am a native of this county and getting employment here is a REAL JOKE! What needs to happen is that people should report their concerns to the appropiate federal agency that will investigate these issues, namely, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Just talking about it and not reporting it by making a formal (written) complaint will never amount to anything. No one knows what is going on until it is reported. YES, there is a serious pattern and practice of discrimination for interested candidates for employoment. In addition, not being Billy Bob's sister, or Suzie cue's cousin seems to be a downfall here. I hope that more people who feel that he/she has been discriminated against will file a complaint. Getting something done about a matter requires submitting written complaint to get any issue of concern going?
1-800-669-6820 (TTY)


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