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SO AGREE!!!!!!!!!!

This guest hit on many good points. They bought cheaper than the others on paved part, now crying wolf. The business owner that lives on that road, i agree with this guest, he should have to pay for half or more of the paving or upkeep. He is the one using it as a ""business access"" and for business purposes, why should he use it for his business and everyone else have to pay the same price as well? I know those business owners, it is all about cheating someone out of something to get someone else to pay for them. To get something that they dont have to pay for. When standards have been dropped to recieve a free handout, maybe its time the ones thats been given left and right starts to be the givers for once.
I also agree with the other guest right above. There are ways to handle the postal and school issue. If what the report says is correct and more of the home owners are not permanent residences, then this means not many children go to school on this road. Which means that there can be a bus stop at end of pavement. One of the kids on that road that belongs to the business owner dont even go to a school where a bus runs there. The kid lives there but goes to school outside school disrtict by using address where the parents do not live. (now you wanna talk about wrong? i cant give my address for my grandkids to go to a better school, the parents have to follow law and give theirs, why they different)
I also take long rides, just sight seeing and have noticed there are many places that have mail box locations that are grouped and not infront of the home. worried about security, do what i do and many others do, GET A PO BOX!!!


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